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Tell us your A and B.
We fly your pax in between.

Michal Požár

Airline and airport experience at board level, turn-around and growth projects

Route development specialist with focus on regional airports, PSO routes, government aviation policy

Passion for small, regional and countryside airports both as traveller and business development planner

Igor Šlajchrt

Owner & CEO Air Prague (CZ), business aviation

Owner & CEO Blue Sky Aviation (CZ), approved pilot training organization

AOC, ATO, AMO compliance monitoring manager, ATO safety manager

Private airport (LKKL) accountable manager

Private pilot

CCO, Blue Sky Aviation (CZ), approved pilot training organization

Financial analyst and journalist

Co-owner of a business insider publishing house

Private pilot

Powered by Air Prague, Paxmover is a start-up player to fill in the niches left behind by big airlines and extinct regional carriers.

Did the 50-seat aircraft prove too big for your route? Even a 30 seater might still be too big? How about 9 seats?

Your new route ideas are just as welcome. Point-to-point demand is key.

Reduce the risk of your route by reducing the capacity, and the number of seats you need to sell.

Do your business travellers prefer one mid-day flight in a 50-seater, or 4 flights a day at peak times?

Air Prague obtained its AOC in 2009, and has had a successful history in business aviation since. Now expanding to scheduled, regional routes through Paxmover, a sister company.